Create ssh Key Pair

There are many ways to generate a “ssh-rsa key”. The OpenStack portal offers a simple way to do this, via the menu item “Compute > Key Pairs “. This menu also allows you to import an existing key. When deploying a VM, you can then select this key in the “Launch Instance Wizard “ to access your Linux VM.


We recommend that you import or create a “ssh-rsa Key “ before deploying a VM if possible.

Create Key Pair

Switch to “Compute > Key Pairs “ in the navigation and click on “+Create Key Pair “.

  • Now enter a “Name “ for the Key Pair.
  • then click on “Create Key Pair “.

Now the Key Pair (Public & Private Key) is created, where you can display the Public Key by clicking on the key name.



The created Private Key is automatically downloaded in the browser. You should keep it secure, because it allows access to your VM without password!



The generated Private Key must be converted to “Putty “ before use (see How to convert a PEM to a PPK file format).